Mayan zodiac symbols

Are you thinking about getting a new tattoo? Perhaps you already have the subject in mind. If you are looking for a Mayan Zodiac symbol tattoo, there are a few things to do before you decide on which symbol you would like. If you really want the tattoo to turn out nicely, you should make a point to find the most widely regarded tattoo artist in your area.

There are 19 Mayan Zodiac symbols to chose from, all of which represent different birth dates. These 19 symbols represent different personality types, attitudes and desires. It is important that your Zodiac tattoo represents your true birth date, otherwise the tattoo will hold no meaning to you. If you are getting one or more tattoos in order to represent family members, such as your children, than exceptions can be made, as tribute tattoos are always a welcome sight!

Below is a list of the 19 Mayan Zodiac symbols, as well as their birth dates that you must have been born under in order to use. 

  1. Ch'en: January 2 - January 21

  2. Yax: January 22 - February 10

  3. Zac: February 11 - March 2

  4. Ceh: March 3 - March 22

  5. Mac: March 23 - April 11

  6. K'ank'in: April 12 - May 1

  7. Muan: May 2 - May 21

  8. Pax: May 22 - June 10

  9. Cayab: June 11 - June 30

  10. Kumk'u: July 1 - July 20

  11. Uayeb: July 21 - July 25

  12. Pop: July 26 - August 14

  13. Ou: August 15 - September 3

  14. Zip: September 4 - September 23

  15. Zotz: September 24 - October 13

  16. Zec: October 14 - November 2

  17. Xul: November 3 - November 22

  18. Yaxk'in: November 23 - December 12

  19. Mol: December 13 - January 1

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These above dates will come in handy not only for a person looking for their correct sign as a tattoo, but for people who may just be interested in their Mayan Zodiac symbol. Below is a list ofmeanings and personality types behind each of these 19 Mayan Zodiac symbols.

  1. Ch'en: You are wise and spiritual, you may also be a very religious person, and perhaps are the person your friends or family will turn to when they need help or assistance.

  2. Yax: You are an enlightened person with a very clear mind. The stresses of daily life do not bother you in the same way they do others. You are a practical person.

  3. Zac: You are a superior problem solver. You hate unfinished business, regardless of what it is.

  4. Ceh: You are potentially feisty, and very bold. You will try anything, even if you are afraid of doing so. You have no regrets.

  5. Mak: You are the decision-maker. You are very organized and you love order and cleanliness.

  6. K'ank'in: You are most likely an artistic person, you are good at learning new things, and you are a very good teacher, regardless of the subject.

  7. Muan: People would call you stubborn, you will not quit until the job is done, regardless of the consequences you may face.

  8. Pax: You are the King (or Queen) of relaxing and just enjoying life. People are attracted towards you because of your ability to make them smile and laugh. Your mind is very creative without you even realizing it.

  9. Cayab: You are an entertainer, telling jokes or performing in front of people. You love music and are completely comfortable when faced with a camera.

  10. Kumk'u: You are always thinking, and you are very diplomatic, able to resolve disputes without even trying. You seek the truth, and nothing else.

  11. Uayeb: You may come across as condescending, so be careful! Those born during this very short time period may find success and fortune.

  12. Pop: You are analytical and a great teacher. You can take a very difficult subject, and make it very easy for others to understand.

  13. Ou: You are quiet and don't have many friends, however you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

  14. Zip: You are charismatic, and you fit in best in positions of leadership and authority. You are adept at winning people over to your side.

  15. Zotz: You are a very generous person. You would prefer to help someone else, rather than yourself.

  16. Zec: You are very motivated, and can start and finish even the largest, most complicated projects.

  17. Xul: You are intelligent, and will probably end up working in the humanitarian sector.

  18. Yaxk'in: You are creative, yet very impulsive. You are charismatic and you love to laugh (and who can blame you?)

  19. Mol: You are a thinker who analyzes everything. You are probably into science.

Examples of Mayan Zodiac Tattoos